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3 Fun Camping Games for Kids & Families

Posted by Davis Lakes on May 10, 2016 7:30:00 PM

Camping, whether it be in a tent, RV or Cabin, is a wonderful way for families to reconnect,unplug and unwind. And no camping trip would be complete without some fun outoor games and activities! I mean, the whole point of heading to the campsite is to have a blast and make some memories, right?

Here are three classic favorite camping games that are great for just a few participants, a small group, or even a massive family reunion!

1. Popcorn Drop:  

popcorn.jpgFill a small box up with popcorn and attach plastic cups to your shoes (poke holes in the bottom of the cup, then slide through shoe strings, or use sticky velcro tape) then fill up the cups using only your feet from the box of popcorn and hustle across the lawn trying not to spill. Empty your cup into an empty box or container on the other side! Once you have emptied your cup, tag the next person to go. Keep going until the box is empty and the person or team with the most popcorn at the end wins! Don't forget to video this one!

2. Red Rover:

red-rover.jpgSplit your group up into teams and have them stand on the opposite side of the yard. Join hands in a line. Each team takes turns saying “red rover, red rover send (the person of their choice) on over.” The person that's called then runs and tries to break through the hands of the opposing team. If they break through, then they pick a person to take back to their team. However, if they do not break through then, that team gets to keep them. Play until you can’t play anymore, the team with the most people at the end wins the game.

3. Water Balloon Toss:

water-ballon-toss.jpgFill enough water balloons to supply each team with one balloon. If you wish to play multiple rounds of this game, fill additional balloons. Split players into teams of two. Form two straight lines of players, with teammates facing each other. Have each player take one large step back from his teammate. This marks the first throw line. Instruct players to toss the balloon to their teammates. The opposite player must catch the balloon and prevent it from popping. Have both players take one step backward after each successful toss. Continue this routine until every team has popped their balloons. The last team with an intact balloon wins. Remember to practice "Leave No Trace"and pick up those broken balloons! The local wildlife will thank you.

Here's another idea for an outdoor camping game. Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? Download our free printable "Spring Fun Scavenger Hunt," and get out and explore!



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