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Camping Cabins for "Un-roughing it" in the Great Outdoors

Posted by Davis Lakes on May 4, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Not Ready to "Rough it?" Try a Campground with Cabins

You may love the idea of camping but aren’t quite ready to completely “rough it” in a tent or make a large investment in an RV. No need to be disappointed though, camping cabins might be the answer for you!

Many campgrounds that offer tent and RV sites, will also have cabin rentals. The styles of cabins are endless, from small one room primitive shelters to house size luxurious hideaways. The good news is, most camping cabins are very affordable and let you enjoy the outdoors without investing in a lot of equipment and supplies.

davis-lakes-cabin-suffolk-vaBasic cabins usually have one room, one or two beds, a table and a couple of chairs. These types may not have plumbing or running water, but will offer a nearby shared bathroom and occasionally a shower facility. Even though you may have to share a privy, most supply electricity and a heater or air conditioner.

A slightly bigger cabin may have a kitchenette, microwave, a second room and even a private bathroom. Generally you still won’t find a stove, but most will have outdoor cooking facilities like barbecue grills and a fire pits. If you start getting really fancy, there may be Wi-Fi, television, multiple bedrooms, large kitchens and full size bathrooms. Not quite “roughing it” but it can still be a lot of fun!

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davis-lakes-cabin-lake-cottageMost campgrounds with cabins will also have amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, fishing, boating and other organized activities. The recreation available will depend on the geographical location and the time of year.

So don’t rule out a great family camping trip just because you are not up to learning to pitch a tent, don’t have a bunch of outdoor equipment, or aren’t ready to invest in an expensive RV. When you find a great area to travel too, search those websites for cabin rentals and make some great memories!

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