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Thanksgiving at the Campground: Don't Forget About the Kids

Posted by Davis Lakes on Nov 17, 2016 7:10:00 PM


Typically, Thanksgiving party ideas for adults are a bit different than Thanksgiving activities for kids. Think back to when you were a kid at family functions. Whether you grew up in a family with lots of kids, or if you were the only one, you likely weren’t as enthusiastic about family gatherings as your parents.

There was Aunt Dorie always pinching your cheeks and saying how much you’ve grown, Cousin Wilbur who always brought some gag toy, and Grandpa Eugene always hollering at the kids for trampling his lawn. The women likely gathered in the kitchen and talked about adult subjects, shooing you out of the kitchen for snatching cookies fresh from the oven. Men congregated near fire or a television and discussed politics, sports, yard maintenance, or some other subject that was likely to bore a kid to tears.

Here are a few Thanksgiving games to keep your young ones occupied, happy, and out of the kitchen!

Pumpkin Relay Races

Pumpkins get cheaper and cheaper after Halloween, so pick up a few pumpkins from your local market. Smaller pumpkins work best for this, as it allows even the smaller children to play. Place the pumpkins in a straight row on their side, and each relay team gets a pair of sticks (broom handles work well, though any stick or bat can be used.) Set a turnaround point a few yards (further for older players) across the yard from the pumpkin line. Players then gather in line at their team’s pumpkin. At the starting command, the first relay runner must roll the pumpkin across the yard, to the turnaround spot, where the next team member will then take control of the gourd, rolling it back to the starting position. The pumpkin rolling continues back and forth until each team has exhausted its members, or a preset time limit has been reached.

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Treasure Hunt

Believe it or not, you can get fillable eggs outside of Easter. You can find them on Amazon, or even order these from Party City;  that’s the joy of the internet. Rather than calling them Easter Eggs though, since this is Thanksgiving, they become Turkey Eggs (which is much more believable than a jumbo rabbit laying eggs,) and you can fill them with candy or small prizes.

Candy Corn Bingo

CrazyLittleProjects has a great Thanksgiving themed Bingo game where you can print the cards from a free PDF, and keep the kids occupied for a while. Make the game extra sugary fun by using candy corn for markers, and let them win fun turkey day prizes such as first in line for dinner or first piece of pie at dessert!

Coloring Pages

Adult coloring books have been all the rage this year, but kids still love to color. There are hundreds of websites devoted to free printable coloring pages, such as Crayola, Papa Jan, and  MES English. Or check out or Davis Lakes "Camping is Fun" Downloadable Coloring Book. Drop a few of these on a picnic table with the big 64 box of crayons, and you’ll have happy little campers for hours!

Scavenger Hunt

So maybe the older kids aren’t into the turkey egg hunt, and they are a little “too grown up” for coloring and candy corn bingo. Scavenger hunts are fun for every age and size! Make a list of items that are readily available in your campground (or check out our Davis Lakes Winter Scavenger Hunt) and set everyone off on the hunt!

Give the kids at your Thanksgiving campground party something to do, and they won’t be underfoot. Thanksgiving activities and games make your event more fun, more memorable, and keep the kids from getting into “kid trouble” while the adults are trading recipes or sports team jabs. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for your social media accounts, and tag everyone so you can all remember the fun for years to come!

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