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Glamping Party Killer: What to do about bugs

Posted by Davis Lakes on Jul 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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You’ve worked hard to set up your perfect little glamping paradise at your campsite, whether it be a cabin, camper or tent, but low and behold, here come the party crashers! Nothing ruins a great get together more than buzzing insects and biting bloodsuckers. Have faith though, because there are some ways to keep them at bay while not crimping your glamping style.

Of course there a few basics as said by Taz Stuart, city entomologist in Winnipeg.

"Wear lightly colored, loose fitting long sleeved shirts and pants and if required, a mosquito head-net to prevent landing on the head and face. It's also important to minimize or not use any colognes or perfumes, and hair products, as these can act as additional attractants."

The head-net isn’t very sexy, but can be pretty effective.

You also want to practice good campsite hygiene by keeping food in airtight containers, keeping trash bags away from your site, and cleaning up dishes directly after use.

The good old standby of “DEET” repellent products are very effective but what about some less smelly and prettier solutions?

screen-room.jpgScreen Rooms: If you’re in an RV they make wonderful portable screen rooms that attach to the outside of your camper. 

Traps: Your local hardware store will have disposable fly and wasp traps. Powered mosquito traps are also available now which protect a large area. A little more costly of an option, but an excellent solution for bloodsuckers. 

repellent_lantern.jpgRepellent Lanterns: These lanterns provide light and give off a repellent vapor that is effective against mosquitos and other flying insects like midges and gnats. 

Sage or Fire Log Additives: Tossing a bundle of sage on your fire will fill your campsite with a pleasant scent that also is outstanding at repelling bugs. Another option is to burn a product called SkeeterLog that can be placed directly in your fire or in a separate chiminea. 

Bug Repelling Fragrance: Can’t stand the offending smell of traditional bug repellant? Try one of the sweet smelling repelling “perfumes.” Much sexier than “DEET.”

wristband.jpgBug Bracelets: Hand out some colorful bug bracelets at your next glamping party. They are imbued with either traditional bug repellents or non-synthetic compounds like Geraniol (extracted from geranium oil) and other essential oils.

Permethrin: One last method requires some prep. Permethrin is a powerful repellant but isn’t used directly on the skin. You treat your clothes, tents, screens, cushions, etc. Treated items can last through several washings and rain. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, because Permethrin can be deadly to cats as well.

Use some of these options to ensure that bothersome bugs don’t put a crimp in your glamping style. Do you have a favorite method for repelling insects at your campsite? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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