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Go Glamping: Ideas on what to take for a posh camping trip

Posted by Davis Lakes on Jul 14, 2016 7:30:00 PM

glamping_setup.jpgGlamping (a.k.a. Unrough Camping) is a fantastic solution for those who want to experience the outdoors but don’t want to give up their creature comforts. EasyCampingLists.com puts it this way.

“Glamping is a halfway house that allows many of the comforts of a stay in a cottage or cabin whilst still being a type of camping.”

You may be wondering, “what should I take?” Much of that depends on where you’ll be glamping, and what’s provided. Is it a cabin, RV or a tent? What provisions and amenities are already there? Of course, you should check with the glampground you’ll be visiting for that information, but here are some ideas from other glampers.

Surviving in Style suggests:

  • A fun pair of thongs for during the day (the more sparkle, the better!) and iPod with speakers and well-stocked playlist.

Read the entire article.


Mashable recommends:

  • An Espresso Maker and a Bartender’s Cocktail Travel Bar.

Read “11 Glamping Essentials for the Unadventurous.”


mac-in-a-sac.jpgTom’s Eco Lodge tells us we should have:

  • A ‘Mac in a Sac’ (don’t feel bad, we didn’t know what it was either, so here you go www.macinasac.com) and a glamorous sun hat. (They also remind us to not forget the RayBans)

Here is the entire article “Glamping Essentials for Woman.” 

Trip & Travel Blog says you must have:

  • Luxurious bedding and a bottle of wine.

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The Blonde Banana says you can’t live without:

  • Outdoor lanterns and string lights.

Get their full list here.



Are you a glamper? What items are must haves for you?

Here at Davis Lakes Resort we have a fabulous assortment of cabins for the ultimate go glamping experience. If RVing is more your style, pull up to one of our spots with full hookups, and toss out your carpet and string lights. Sit back and relax around the fire or head over to our beach and try out the aquaglide. Not much for a beach? Rent a boat and try your luck at fishing. Reserve today at 757-539-1191.

Get more tips for glamping with our free, two page downloadable "Beauty Essentials for Camping: 12 MUST HAVES to pack and where to get them."


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