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Keep Cool in the Summer: Beating the heat with cool eats and treats

Posted by Davis Lakes on Jul 20, 2015 2:11:00 PM

cool-treats-frozen-fruitThe sun is broiling, but what we eat doesn’t have to be. Sure, summer is the time for cookouts and s’mores, but those fires are best kept to the cooler evening hours. During the heat of the day, we crave the cold, and a hot bowl of chili just wouldn’t be appetizing. Let’s look at a few delightful dishes that might tempt us (and hydrate us) in the heat of the day.

Popsicles! Just as easy to make as popping a bit of juice in a tray with a stick, or buying the prepackaged plastic sleeves (don’t forget the scissors to cut the tops, or the trash bag for the waste), popsicles are a great way to cool off, and get some water in your body.

Fruits and veggies are in season and ready to eat throughout the summer. They are refreshing, full of vitamins, and you can even freeze them to make a cool and fun summer treat. Split open a watermelon and make frozen watermelon balls, or cut out shapes with a cookie cutter and give the kids dino-pops!

Chips and salsa are a good summer appetizer, since they can take the heat of the sun without spoiling. Salsa can be as exciting as a roasted habanero, or as cool and refreshing as a salsa verde. Make your own recipe, or pour it from a jar, make it just to your taste. Keeping with the Mexican theme, guacamole is light and refreshing, as well as an excellent source of potassium, which will keep you going through the summer heat.

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No summer picnic is complete without deviled eggs. A quick Google search for deviled eggs reveals About 1,050,000 results in 0.34 seconds. Your classic recipe can be spiced with so many wonderful ingredients, such as bacon, relish, bleu cheese, salmon, tarragon, and scores of other delicious add ins. Try something new, or go with Mom’s stand by, deviled eggs are always a hit on hot days.

If you’re feeling industrious, antipasto wrapped in lettuce is a wonderful and nutritious lunch. Cherry tomatoes and Bibb lettuce are a great way to add water to your day, and the possibilities for ingredients are endless. Chop ham, salami, pepperoni, and cube a bit of provolone to give the plate a fuller feel, serve with breadsticks or garlic bread.

There are many ways to keep cool in the Summer and meals don’t just have to be cold cut sandwiches. Have fun with the planning, try new things, and stay away from foods that just don’t work in the sun. Chocolate might be great for those s’mores, but in the heat of the day they are a sticky mess. The same can be said for ice cream. On a hot day it sounds like a hit, but leave those memories to the ice cream stand. A scorching hot day will reduce that Rocky Road to a warm and goopy mudslide in no time. Mayonnaise based salads tend to spoil quickly when exposed to the summer sun, a good oil and vinegar based dressing is a safer alternative. Keep the cooking to a minimum, keep the heat out of the kitchen, and keep your belly full of yummy, hydrating, and nutritious foods that will help you keep going all day long!  

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