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The 12 Easy DIY Projects of RV Christmas Decor

Posted by Davis Lakes on Dec 15, 2016 10:01:00 AM

Staying at the campground, or in your RV for Christmas shouldn’t dull your holiday spirit! You’ve escaped the huge yard to decorate, and you only have a few walls to work with, but these great DIY holiday projects will brighten your Christmas season!

Galaxy Glitter Ornaments


Hang a few of these Galaxy Glitter Ornaments from The Swell Designer and watch the Christmas spirit start to swirl!.

Using Your Christmas Cards for Decorations


Don’t just stack your holiday cards! Show them off with one of these great ideas from Reader’s Digest!

A Beautiful Holiday Door Banner


noel door.jpg

Brighten your cabin or RV door with this gorgeous Noel banner!

Sock Snowmen


sock snowman.jpeg

What do you do with all those socks that haven’t had a mate since a week after you bought them? Try turning them into sock snowmen!

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees



This one looks like it might take a little time and patience to get right, but a Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree will be a unique addition to your camping table!

Pine Cone Elves 


Walking around the campground, you are bound to find a lot of pine cones, so why not add a few Pine Cone Elves to your RV Christmas scene?

Paper Star Lantern


We’ve all seen these in rustic stores, but did you know you can make them yourself? These templates from Homemade Gifts Made Easy make it easy!

Christmas Piñata


Bring the festivities outside with these Christmas Piñatas from Apartment Therapy!

Hanging Lantern Frosty


Just perfect for hanging under your awning, these Hanging Lantern Snowmen will tell everyone that you’re in the holiday spirit!

Terracotta Pot Snowmen

terracotta pot snowmen.jpg

These little snowmen are easy to make, and like snowflakes, as unique as your own imagination allows!

Pomander Balls


A tradition that dates back to the Victorian era, Orange Pomander Balls will give your RV or cabin a festive scent!

Topping It All Off

tree topper.jpg

Just like our own decorations, we saved the Tree Topper for last!


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