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Amp Your RV Curb Appeal and Eat Like a Gourmet with Herbs

Posted by Davis Lakes on Mar 28, 2016 10:30:00 AM

plants-newfound-rv-park.jpgPerhaps you are the kind of person that isn’t interested in flowers, but you still would like to grow something beautiful and preferably useful. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time or room to get into serious gardening, but you appreciate freshness. Then try growing a container herb garden!

You can grow herbs inside or outside, in the ground or in a pot. Actually, many herbs do better in a pot because you can ensure that they don’t become waterlogged. Also, some herbs can be a bit invasive if allowed to roam, but pots keep them in check.

You might have even heard herbs called potherbs. This distinction is based on whether the herb is for culinary uses instead of other used like medicinal. We’ve got a list of herbs that are stupid easy to grow and some recipe ideas to put them to good use.


Even if you don’t eat your mint, it is still working for you. It smells great, but it also deters mosquitoes!

This herb is beyond easy to grow. It will even deal with less sun than other herbs, so if you are parked in the shade, this is the herb for you. Be warned, it does need to be watered and picked regularly. For best results, put an individual plant in its own gallon pot and it will keep you in supply for most of the year.

After the winter, it will come back, but you will get better results if you divide the plant into quarters and replant one-quarter. Now you have 3 plants to give your friends.

Mint is great for hot or cold teas, mint juleps, mojitos, but you might want to also try it on meat and savory dishes.

Here are 10 recipes that you probably haven’t considered that call for fresh mint:




They don’t need much, just 4-5 hours of sunlight and enough water so they don’t dry out. They are a great starter plant for little gardeners. I actually think my first plant was a tiny pot of chives. Their delicate onion flavor is fabulous on baked potatoes, but if you want to show off your culinary skills try these chive recipes from Sunset:



Sage, Bay,Thyme, and Rosemary

You can plant these lovelies in the same pot and they are often paired together for soups or stocks, and they are perfect for meats. Just remember, they don’t like wet roots, so make sure to grow them in well-drained soil and don’t over-water them.

Pair these herbs with lemons to make flavorful roast chicken:




This is a biennial herb so it will give you leaves for about two years before it puts out flowers and dies.

Also, think beyond garnish when you use it. Here are 10 recipes to help:




This is an herb and a spice in one plant! The leaves are usually called cilantro and they are great in salsa. This herb will bolt, flower, and go to seed fairly quickly if you have it  in a sunny place. If this happens, save the seeds as they are what you get when you buy those little jars of coriander. I love to dry roast coriander seeds with cumin for chili.

So if you want more cilantro, keep it watered and in a shady place. Just know that this will only slow down its lifecycle and it will eventually go to seed. You might want to even start this plant in the fall to get a longer season.

For 22 cilantro recipes, to include nacho hot dogs and cilantro lime shrimp, go here:




For 5 coriander spice recipes go here:




This plant doesn’t like cold, shade, or wind so give it a warm, bright, sheltered spot. A tiny greenhouse or a south facing window is perfect. This plant does best when it is watered in the morning and prefers well-drained soil.

Here are 22 recipes to use up your summer basil in drinks, salads, pastas and more:




If you want to try your hand at fruits or vegetables that also grow well in pots, then check out this link from DIY & Crafts:



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