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RV Gadgets You Cant Live Without!

Posted by Davis Lakes on Dec 16, 2014 1:54:33 PM

rv-gadgetsWhen you are traveling in your RV do you wish that you had some type of security system or something to alert you to problems before they turn serious? How about a Laptop charger or a mobile device charger that won’t drain your battery? Well, guess what! There are all kinds of cool gadgets for your RV that will make traveling even better! Take a look at some of these must have items.

Solar panels allow you to use the sun’s rays to charge your batteries. They come in a multitude of sizes so that you can charge just your battery or even all of your electronic devices. You should know what you would need to charge before making a purchase.

Smart RV is an electronic device about the size of a cell phone that can provide security and protection against mechanical issues. If you are away from your vehicle it can alert you to your vehicle moving without your permission. It can also tell you if your battery is running low. It can give you an added sense of security while traveling. The Trip Journal feature allows you to share your trip with Facebook friends and other Smart RV users.

LED lights can also assist with saving energy by using 90% less energy than halogens. They also stay cool to the touch and reduced the output of heat inside the vehicle, and are longer lasting. Because they use less energy you can boondock for longer periods of time without using a generator. Be sure to check out the Kelvin Rating before you make a purchase.

An AC/DC universal laptop charger can be used by plugging into AC or DC power. DC power allows you to plug in while driving and doesn’t drain the battery and also pulls much less power.

A Solio Bolt is a solar panel about the size of your wallet with a built in battery. You just place it on your dash and it is charged by the sun. When your electronic device needs to be charged you just plug it into the Bolt with a USB cable and it charges your device.

This is just a few of the cool devices that you should have while RVing. There is an endless supply of items that will help you feel more secure while traveling or just make your trip a little easier on everyone.

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